New Wholesale Deal Posted

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We posted a new wholesale deal for you. It’s a developed lot in Humble. The house was fire damaged and has been cleared from the lot. It’s an oversized lot at the end of a cul-d-sac. Details can be found here.

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Devil’s in the Details

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Recently, I was involved in the purchase of a home from Fannie Mae. Many of you are aware that they typically place resale restrictions on houses that they sell. This house was under those very restrictions. We bought the home from a wholesaler who had purchased it from FNMA. They promptly told us about the resale constraints and provided us with a copy of the Special Warranty Deed stating the specifics of the restrictions. FNMA would not permit the home to be resold for greater than 20% of FNMA’s sales price for a period of 3 months....

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Flat-Fee Listings for Everyone

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IDG Realty is happy to offer affordable Flat Fee listings. We are investors and love to support investors. Many of you are very independent and don’t need a broker to negotiate and facilitate the closing process.You would, however, like the broadest exposure possible to help move your properties. So, Investors, you’ll get the broad exposure that the MLS offers without the expense of a full listing agreement. For $150.00 you’ll get 6 month listing with the maximum number of photos the MLS will allow. For $175 we’ll keep...

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